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  • Hiring someone to perform investigative services can lead to many questions, below are some of our FAQs.

    How much do you charge for your services?

    Our services are billed hourly. $80/ hour and 60 cents/ km for travel. There is a minimum hourly commitment for each session. 

    There is more to hiring a P.I. Agency then just the price. Firstly you should meet the investigator and see if they actually have an agency or are they just a P.I. without insurance and an office. Once you have confirmed that the P.I. is legitimate inquire about prices. The going rate for P.I.’s start around $70 up to $125 in Ontario. We know that different provinces have different market demand so their prices may vary. Beside hourly rate, there is also travel and disbursements.

    Travel usually includes mileage, hotel accommodation etc… Disbursements could include any additional costs involved in the job. Paid parking, the subject goes into a restaurant, a meal could be added, hwy 407 travel, these costs are usually shown with receipts provided to the client after the job is completed.

    Our hourly rate is billed out at $80/ hour and $0.60/km and we have a 4 hour minimum for each time we come out.

    Can a cell phone location be tracked?

    Yes and no. Cell phones can be tracked however there are legal and privacy issues involved to consider. We are able to “ping” a cell phone, which involves locating a cellphone when the subscriber replies to message. This is not the same as continuous tracking.

    Will anyone know I have hired you?

    Our team is 100% discreet and your contact with our company is completely confidential, these terms are included in our engagement agreement.

    How long does it take to get answers?

    Depending on the type of service requested, it could take 4 hours or it could take 4 days. We can’t predict what people will do and we can’t make them do something. But rest assured, if there is something happening, we will find it!