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  • Our team of Computer Forensic experts can assist you with all your cyber security needs. We offer a complete range of services including:

    Computer Forensics

    • Recover deleted data
    • History and time stamp of user activity 
    • History of file movements 
    • History of media devices connected to the computer
    • Recover of deleted emails
    • History of web addresses visited
    • History of network connected devices
    • Financial movement of monies is: online banking

    Cellphone Analysis

    • Recover deleted text messages & What'sApp messages
    • Deleted pictures/videos
    • GPS detailed information 
    • Web history 
    • Location services of the phone 

    Vehicle Forensics

    • History of calls made to and from 
    • History of text messages 
    • History of contacts 
    • GPS information including routing of vehicle 
    • Voice to text message retrieval
    • Voice to memo retrieval 

    Incident Response Program

    All data networks come under attack by motivated hackers or disgruntled insiders, this breach could possibly cause the release of confidential data to unauthorized persons.

    Our team can provide immediate remote assistance, and can physically be at your site within four hours. We are prepared to fully manage your incident response from start to finish. A rapid response, coupled with appropriate procedures, is critical to the success of controlling a security incident and preventing future occurrences.

    Data Penetration Testing 

    We have pioneered a data penetration test where we start by identifying your critical data, and then we focus testing on compromising that specific data. Unlike other testing methodologies that test everything, this cost-effective test highlights your most important risks. We also use a team-based approach with your own network staff. By determining if they can detect and respond to our attacks, we increase the effectiveness of our test results. 

    We can deliver a variety of network and system tests designed to identify potential vulnerabilities before they are exploited by an attacker. The most accurate testing methodology is penetration testing, sometimes referred to as “ethical hacking”. Using commercial, open source, and proprietary tools, skilled testers will use the same techniques that a hacker would use to assess your network’s security. 

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