• Read insights into the complex world of private investigations. Our weekly blogs are written by our seasoned private investigators.

  • We often support law firms by investigating many different types of legal issues.

    SSC Investigative Consultants employs former law enforcement officers that have the expertise to tackle any type of investigation with the goal of securing evidence needed to assist clients faced with any type of legal matter.

    Whether you need legal and investigative support for criminal, family or civil legal matters, we undertake any type of background analysis or the review of evidence provided by law enforcement through disclosure. We also support witness interviews or assist with the preparation or management of a case as well as providing discreet investigative support.

    Some of our other legal services include:

    • Process Serving
    • Corporate Searches
    • Property Searches
    • Legal Courier Services
    • Search & Locate Services
    • Legal Document Assistance Services
    • Specialty Services